Archive Policy

10:1. Any deviation from this policy must be agreed in advance by the Trustees.

10:2. The purpose of Dewsbury Bus Museum Archive is to:
a) Preserve and hold in safe keeping any historical company records, documents and items of memorabilia that relate specifically to West Riding
Automobile Company, Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Company and their constituent companies such as J Bullock & Sons and South
Yorkshire Motors. Consideration will also be given to their successors and other local independent operators that trade or traded in the same
geographic area.
b) Catalogue and store all such items in a logical order in a safe, dry and secure location.
c) Make the archive collection available for inspection by any person approved by the Trustees for the purpose of historical research or practical
d) Provide material from time to time for temporary Museum Open Day displays and provide material for permanent Museum displays.

10:3. The role of the Museum Archivist is to:
a) Act as a focal point for any enquiries that relate to the history of West Riding Automobile Company, Yorkshire Woollen District Transport
Company and their constituent companies.
b) Facilitate relationships with other organisations with similar aims and build a network of contacts.
c) Seek to acquire any items from third parties that are considered relevant to the collection.
d) Liaise with any external contacts who wish to donate items of interest to the Archive collection.
e) Make decisions on what material should be displayed on Museum Open Days and what materials should be permanently displayed in the
Museum building.

10:4. Practical Requirements - The role of the Archivist is an elected post and the process for being elected to the role is publicised at the Annual General Meeting.

10:5. Requests for loan of materials from the Archive
The Archive contains many historic documents and other items of interest. Where the individual requesting an item is a member of the Museum then the item may be loaned on trust. Where the individual is not a member of the Museum a deposit in cash will be obtained that reflects the estimated value of the item. In exceptional cases the Trustees may waive this. However, this must be agreed in advance. Where an organisation, (for example a television production company), requests use of any item from the Archive an administration charge will apply for the loan of the item.

10:6. Requests to donate materials to the Archive
When a member of the public wishes to donate any item to the Museum they should contact the Museum Archivist or when this is impractical enquiries should be directed to any other Trustee. The Archivist is to assess how relevant the item is to the collection and this will be advised to the person donating the item. Where the item is considered to be outside the collecting policy and/or unsuitable for display in the Museum building, agreement will be sought from the person donating the item for the Museum to dispose of said item as the Museum sees fit. For example, a donated item may well be sold on, or exchanged with a third party for something more relevant for the benefit of the Museum.

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