Leyland Leopard - Chassis No. L62969

Body: Willowbrook No. CF 1312
Date new: 1st February 1967

Leyland Leopard L1 NWW 89E was new to Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee on 1st February 1967 as fleet number 9. During its working life this vehicle has had a few different liveries, without being withdrawn and sold on to other operators. Originally in the Todmorden colours of dark green and cream, when new, it took on the Halifax Corporation colours of orange, green and cream when the two merged. Later it changed to the West Yorkshire PTE colours of verona green and buttermilk on the formation of the Metro group, Halifax being in Calderdale.

It was withdrawn from service in 1984 and went to the West Yorkshire Transport Museum at Ludlam Street, Bradford. It was not to form part of the collection that went on to the ill-fated Transperience Museum at Low Moor, Bradford.
From 1986 until 2000 it was owned by Simon Daymond  who, with Duncan Copley, did most of the major restoration work to bring it back to its present form of the original TJOC livery..

Presently owned by John Flowers (since 16th September 2000), it has been treated to a repaint and other mechanical work in its continuing preservation. (The top picture was taken at Greenhead Park, Huddersfield, in 2005 The bottom picture was taken a long time ago!)

After a few years off the road, this bus passed the MOT in July 2011, and is now back in business.