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West Riding 50 (E50 TYG)

Technical details;

Chassis (integral): Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen - RTC87.28

Body: C53F

Date new: 1988

Owner: Julie Aylward













This Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen E50 TYG was one of a batch of eight similar vehicles delivered to the West Riding Automobile Company of Wakefield in 1988 for their Ridings Travel operation.  They were allocated to the Dewsbury, Castleford, Sheffield and Savile Street (Wakefield) depots. Numbers 46 & 47 were in National Express Rapide livery and were used mainly on the 564 service between Halifax and London.The rest were all in Ridings Travel livery, as seen in Simon Beeston's superb photograph, taken at the Alton rally in 2019.


50 was based at Savile Street but was frequently used by Castleford as they did more coach work there.


After disposal by West Riding in 1989, 50 went to Wilkins travel of Port Talbot.They scraped the letters of "RIDING" from the sides and replaced them with "WILKIN" in the same style.


Steve Morris was the next owner with his Quantock operation.


In later years, 50 passed to Ashley Wakelin who had acquired the rights to use the name "Midland Red Coaches", and he painted it red and black in the style of the BMMO coach fleet, and numbered it 6150.


It then passed to Dave Rogers who also owned E48TYG.  He sold both during 2016 to concentrate on other projects.


The interior of 50 is original and in reasonable condition for its age.  The bodywork was in good condition but the luggage compartment floor and several bracing cross-members have been replaced.


The coach made her preservation debut at Dewsbury in November 2016.

ALTON 210719 E50TYG Badge

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