Leyland PD2/1, chassis no. 483605

Bodywork by Leyland (L27/26R)
Date new: 1948

This bus was delivered to the then independent West Riding Automobile Company Limited of Barnsley Road, Wakefield, towards the end of 1948. It was in a batch of 28 Leyland PD2/1s to arrive that year. numbered 619 to 646 (BHL 661-688). It remained in revenue-earning service until 1967 when it was converted to a driver-trainer along with similar 634, 636 and 642. At this point it was given the new fleet number of A13. It remained in the training fleet until 1975 when it was bought for preservation by the West Riding Wulfrunian Preservation Society, which became the West Riding Omnibus Preservation Society in 1981. They still own the vehicle to this day.

There have been attempts at restoring the bus, each time progressing a little nearer completion.
Severe corrosion in the lower stress panels saw lots of metalwork being repaired or replaced, and the body smoothed and primed.

After three years of concentrated hard work she was presented for MOT in November 2012 and was once again road-legal. A few minor cosmetic restoration tasks have since been completed and a replacement destation blind was finally sourced. In 2013 she finally carried passengers as a fully-restored vehicle and is our oldest operational bus.

Top left: As A13 in the West Riding training fleet in 1975.

Middle left: External re-panelling nears completion

Bottom left: BHL 682 as she was in 2010.

Below: The bus at the Heath Common Rally in July 2013.

BHL 682