XUA 73X was one of the first Leyland National 2 buses to be delivered to West Riding, in January 1982. (Chassis 07629 - seating B49F).

Originally carrying fleet number 73, the bus was re-numbered to 202, then 102 a few years later. It started life in NBC red. It later carried an
all-over advertisement, then wore the green and cream Caldaire livery. In later years it saw service for United, being repainted again, and ended up in a scrapyard from where it was rescued for preservation. Work came to a halt, due to illness of one of the volunteers working on it, and it lay at the back of the shed in Arriva-Yorkshire's Belle Isle depot gathering dust.

On 21 June 2010, we attached jump leads and the bus started at the first attempt! It was driven round the yard, and put through the bus wash. Then sanding of the bodywork continued..... The photographs at the bottom of this page were taken on that day.

The bus was towed from storage at Arriva's Belle Isle depot to the Museum building on 13th June 2011, and work restarted on restoring her. However, some bodywork corrosionhalted progress, and she was rested again until other projects were completed.

Work is now complete and having overcome numerous set backs on the way and following a couple of successful trial runs she carried her first passengers in preservation during our Autumn Open Day on Sunday 19th November 21017.
(Pics at bottom).

The bus wore a total of five different liveries during its in-service days, and they are shown here, although the final picture was taken after it left the United fleet.
The preserved bus is now wearing a sixth livery.

These photographs have been sent from different sources, and we are not quite sure of their origins. If you spot any on which you may hold the copyright, please let us know so that we can either give you credit, or remove the picture.


As fleet number 73, pictured when brand new in MetroBus NBC red.


In revised MetroBus livery, but with the logo painted out and "West Riding" transfers applied. It was renumbered to 202 at this point.


Now carrying an all-over advert for the Wilton Ballroom. Whilst wearing this livery it was renumbered again to 102.


Early 1990s, and the bus is in the Caldaire West Riding livery.


The interior was complete - but we stripped all the seats out and renovated them. They are all now back in place.

Below - Tony Salmon drives the bus through the wash at Belle Isle, then he and Richard Hall admire their handiwork in the sunshine before getting busy with the sandpaper!


URGENTLY WANTED! If anyone has photographs of this bus during her "in service" days with United - please contact us.

Below are the latest pictures of this bus. We couldn't decide which of the above liveries to use, so we didn't use any of them!