AEC Reliance

Chassis: MU3RV888
Body: Roe No. GO4308
Date new: November 1956

Although built as a service bus to B44F layout, West Riding used these on coastal excursions when new, augmented by being painted into the reversed "coach" livery of mainly cream, with green. Having served the company well, 808 was sent to North's of Sherburn (dealer) in July 1971. J P Wood & Son (Poultry) Ltd of Craven Arms, he of Chuckie Chicken & Turkey fame, acquired it a month later for staff transport, passing it to D Gladwin by January 1978. A White of Wakefield acquired it for preservation in April 1980. It spent several years stored at Ludlam Street, Bradford, where it was damaged when accidentally sent to a scrap yard. It is a few years into a major rebuild. Hopefully another few years should see a splendidly restored bus.

Update - October 2010; the front brakes and steering linkage have been renewed and the bus now stands level on new wheels and tyres.