Chassis: Guy Wulfrunian FDW 74902  

Body: Roe G05267
Layout: H43/32F

UCX 275 was new in September 1960 to County Motors of Lepton, and was given number 99 in their fleet. It didn't stay very long, and joined over 100 others at West Riding, where it was given fleet number 995, in which guise it served most of its passenger-carrying years. In 1970, by which time there were only thirteen Wulfrunians still in service, it was renumbered again to 487.

Monday 20th March 1972 was the last day that Wulfrunians operated for West Riding, and UCX 275 was the last one back into Belle Isle depot that night, so it can claim to be the last ever West Riding Wulfrunian.

As WHL 970 (the only other surviving Wulfrunian) is housed in our Museum building, UCX 275 is garaged elsewhere. This bus passed the MOT test in November 2012 and will hopefully be in service for forthcoming open days.

More about the history of the Wulfrunian can be read on this website - please look at the page for West Riding 970, or you can buy the book "West Riding - the Red Buses" by Stuart Goldthorpe.


Photo: Paul Salmon 2003