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School visits

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED  (Updated 28th November 2018)


1.  How much will it cost?

No charge is made for visits, but as a charity in these days of high diesel fuel prices, we are unable to travel long distances from our base.  We will never refuse the offer of a donation to our funds.......


2.  When can the visit be arranged?

We can only arrange a visit between the months of March to October inclusive.

It is easier to arrange morning visits.  Typically we can arrive at a school around 10.00 am and stay as long as you need us.  Please give as much notice as you can, so that a team can assembled to man the bus which is going to visit you.


3.  Can we go for a ride?

If your school grounds are big enough we can drive around inside. It is worth noting that, due to their age, none of our buses are fitted with seatbelts.


4. Who will be bringing the bus?

At least two museum volunteers will be present.  The volunteers who conduct the lesson will be DBS checked (formerly CRB), and will bring their DBS certificate for you to examine or photocopy.


5.  How long will it take?

Normally each group will spend about 30 -40  minutes learning about the bus.  It is easier with groups of less than 30 children.


6.  What age group would benefit?

Our talk is geared towards years 1 and 2.  However, Reception children and those up to year 6 should enjoy themselves.  It is probably not very beneficial to children in year 7 and above.


7.  What about children with disabilities?

None of our buses are wheelchair accessible, due to their age.  If any of your group has a disability, please talk to us beforehand so that we can make any arrangements that may be necessary.


8.  Photography

Schools are more than welcome to photograph the buses.


9.  Risk assessment

We recommend that the lesson is risk-assessed beforehand.  In particular attention should be paid to keeping the area free of other children when the bus is moving, and ensuring that your school is insured for such lessons on the premises.


To arrange a visit, please use our contact us page

Several local schools have recently invited us to bring a bus and show the children what public transport was like before they were born.  If you are a teacher and think we may be able to help bring one of your lessons to life, this may just interest you. Please be aware that this offer is only available between the months of March to October inclusive


We can bring a bus into your school grounds (subject to access conditions) and give the children a tour of the vehicle, both inside and out, with a short talk about the bus and its history.


See below for more information, including downloadable worksheets for children. 




We took our 1950 Albion Valiant to this school.


Museum volunteer Andrew Beever shows the children round the bus while the teachers take turns at playing in the driving seat!



(Dewsbury Moor)


Class teachers Miss Roberts and Mr Hamlet seemed to be having more fun than the children when we visited.

DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEETS. We have prepared two worksheets, one for each of the two buses pictured below. They can be downloaded as a PDF file on MAC and Windows PCs and saved to your school's computer. Both sheets can be printed out - they contain two pages which should be printed back-to-back.  If we are visiting you, we will let you know which bus we are bringing along.


Here are some memories of previous visits:

Click HERE to download the PDF worksheet for "Ethel", the green bus (1.07Mb)

Click HERE to download the PDF worksheet for TWY8, the blue bus (125Kb)

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