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Technical details:

Chassis - AEC Regent III

Body - East Lancs L30/28R

Power - AEC 9.6litre

Transmission - Preselector

New to Huddersfield Corporation in September 1954, this AEC Regent III was part of the Joint Omnibus Committee fleet where even numbered buses were owned by the corporation and odd numbered ones by British Railways.


It has lowbridge bodywork by East Lancs  and was used primarily on services in the Holme valley until some road lowering took place which allowed highbridge buses to be used.


After that, it was used on services 16/17 to Kirkheaton until a railway bridge on that route was demolished. Withdrawal took place in October 1971.


It was then bought by a young lady and it attended many rallies and events for five years before the bodywork was stripped down for a restoration that was much delayed. It lay undisturbed  in a railway arch for many years until 2010 when it was bought by Mrs Siddaway as a long term retirement project.

Huddersfield Regent HVH234

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The bodywork has since been re-assembled and some missing seat backs have been fabricated. The electrics in the cab have been replaced, including a control box.Repairs have been carried out to the engine block/water jackets and a replacement gearbox seal manufactured and fitted. After all that, it was re-painted by Colin Siddaway.

Huddersfield 234 (HVH234)

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