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Technical details:

Chassis - Daimler CVG6LX

Body - East Lancs

Power - Gardner 6LX

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This 70-seat Daimler CVG6LX with East Lancs bodywork was new in June 1966. It was the last front-engined bus ordered by the Huddersfield Corporation, 473 being a Daimler Fleetline (also preserved at KBMT).  It has a semi-automatic gearbox which makes it more unusual, along with its front-loading bodywork.  Most other surviving Daimlers seem to be rear entrance, open platform.


On 1st April 1974 it passed to WYPTE and was then numbered 4472, which coincidentally is the same number as the Flying Scotsman locomotive!   It was never painted in the WYPTE verona green; somehow it managed to escape.

It was withdrawn in summer 1981 and the Huddersfield Passenger Transport Group took ownership on 1st January 1982.  One of our members, Colin Sidaway, bought it from them on 28th February 2010.


Fortunately the vehicle was kept undercover for the last 28 years, which has helped to keep it in such good shape for its age.  The entrance steps have been completely replaced, a brand new set of cross-ply tyres sourced and fitted - these are not tubeless, they are fitted with split rims, tubes and flaps.


There was work to be done on the body, but the vehicle performed well during a road test on 27th February 2011, and has been a regular attendee on the rally circuit since then. Over the recent years the bus has been out and about around the country attending many bus and transport related events. During this period, the interior was completely re-trimmed by Colin's brother David as the lower saloon seat cushions were slowly failing with age and all the leather backs were starting to split.


In November 2016 the bus the went to Reliance Bus Works where corroded framing, rotten wood, perished window rubbers and damaged panels were all replaced before the bus was repainted. Finally, a replacement Gardner engine was sourced and fitted when the old one gave up.

Huddersfield 472 (HVH 472D)

Test run, 27th February 2011.  Photo: Colin Sidaway.

472 Wardman
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