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B106JAB is a 12m Leyland Tiger 245 with a Plaxton Paramount 3200 MkII body. She was delivered new in C47Ft format to Midland Red (West) Ltd of Worcester in April 1985 as part of a batch of six vehicles.


Midland Red (West) had secured a contract for the supply of two coaches to Eurocruising, a Birmingham based continental holiday operator, and 1006 and 1007 arrived at Padmore Street depot, Worcester, in a striking silvery grey and pale green livery. Unfortunately, Eurocruising ceased trading around that time and the two green “Red” coaches were a bit of an embarrassment to MRW.

To get them out of the way, they were sent to work for National Travel East which, by that time, had become in effect, the coaching unit of West Riding Automobile Company of

Ken Jones

Rear end view of 1006 taken on the 2019 Royal Blue Run      Photo - Ken Jones

Wakefield. Both retained their MRW fleet numbers and legal lettering but displayed National Travel East “O” licences. After privatisation of the National Bus Company, National Travel East became Ridings Travel.


On her return to Padmore Street, she was quickly painted into the attractive maroon "venetian blind" Midwest livery


She has been restored as near as possible to “as delivered” livery.

1006-ab 050486 CPSCOLL

Now in the maroon "venetian blind" livery                        Photo - Chris Sampson

NatEx (eBay).PNG

After a re-paint into National Express Rapide livery

From eBay (red).png

Demoted to Midland Red West coach livery

B106JAB First front.png

Now in First Midland Red DP livery

Midland Red West 1006 (B106JAB)

Near VCS - David Farrow.png
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