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Bristol VRTSL6G registration number OWW 905P was delivered to West Riding on 10th May 1976 and numbered 761 in the fleet. It was part of a small batch of nine vehicles registration numbers NWR 505-508P & OWW 903-907P, and carried Eastern Coach Works H43/31F bodywork. Being immediately put to use on trunk routes around Wakefield it was another example of the vehicle that had become the standard double deck bus in the wider National Bus Company fleet.


Originally delivered in National Bus Company poppy red, 761 was to receive the honour of being chosen to carry a special livery to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee in 1977 and was duly adorned in silver and blue livery from  May 1977 until March 1978. A similar treatment was also applied to Bristol RE registration number THL 259H.

West Riding 827 (OWW905P)

Having been passed to Bus Parts of Doncaster by October the same year, she was spotted in their yard, rescued and placed in secure storage. A quick repaint was completed into West Riding Ayres red and cream tramways livery before she was laid up out of service for many years.


Click on the image above to see more photographs of OWW905P

WROPS gratefully acknowledge the help and support given by Ian Hunter and Neil Halliday for providing storage for this vehicle for many years before WROPS could secure alternative accommodation.

VR OWW905P Silver Jubilee

Having regained her NBC Poppy Red livery, she was renumbered 827 in November 1982. She was later re-painted into Metrobus verona green and buttermilk livery before being repainted again into Caldaire West Riding chevron livery. She continued to deliver reliable service until withdrawal in December 1989.


Her time in regular passenger service was not over and she passed to United Automobile Services the same month and eventually formed part of the Tees & District Transport Company from February 1990 to November 1995. Whilst with this operator she received a full strip down and refurbishment.


By March 1996 she had found her way to the dealers yard at North’s of Sherburn but found favour with IW & E Williams of Deiniolen until July 1996 when she passed to her final operator Japheth of Trefor, finally retiring in February 1997 after 21 active years.

It is now time to make a start on the restoration of this fine vehicle. There is a lot of work to do from stripping old paint to cleaning seats; checking mechanical components to electrical wiring.


What she needs is a team of people to get on with this work. You don't need any particular skills to get involved but obviously, if you are a coach builder of a diesel fitter, we can really use your help.


Every job, no matter how small, if done well makes a big difference.


We are also looking for some financial support for her restoration and upkeep.


If you feel that this bus deserves a bright future and can help in ANY way, do please get in touch with us by either telephoning Steve on 07738 835431 or email us at


Obviously, there is a wide choice of livery styles to choose from once she is fit for a repaint. Get involved now and you could infuence the decision!

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