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Leyland Leopard PJX 35 was new to Halifax Corporation in August 1962.  (Chassis No. 612074, body by Weymann - No. M330, seating B42F).


After withdrawal in 1981 it entered preservation, but since 2002 had been parked in the back corner of the Museum building.  It's new custodian, Kelvyn Waites, managed to get the engine fired up in June 2010, but the clutch appeared to be seized.


On 18th July 2010, a small army of volunteers pushed it from its corner to the middle of the shed, where the skillful art of starting up whilst in gear had the desired effect, and the clutch freed itself.  It was driven into its new parking place under its own power.  


After a thorough clean and service, the bus passed its first MOT in almost a decade on 27th October 2010, and made its debut at the Halifax Piece Hall a few days later.  It featured in our Open Day in November 2010, and has been an active member of the collection ever since.

Halifax 35 (PJX 35)


Above: PJX 35 emerges into daylight for the first time in eight years, on 18th July 2010.


Below: Reunited with sister PJX 232 at our Open Day in November 2010.  

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